Job Description

Job Description

Do you have what it takes to be a Transit Operator? Is this job a good fit for your lifestyle? Being a Transit Operator for BC Transit is an equally rewarding and demanding job. The right candidate is someone who is familiar with the Victoria regional transit system through regular use and experience and enjoys working independently. The rewarding parts of this job are getting to know your community through daily interaction with all demographics of the public, providing great customer service and exploring your city! A Transit Operator is passionate about connecting people and communities. Here are the competencies of a Transit Operator:


Safety is one of BC Transit’s core values. As the operator of large piece of heavy machinery - a transit bus - the right candidate must be able to adhere to safety protocols and practices at all times. In addition, using good judgement to be mindful of keeping BC Transit riders safe while on-board is one of the Transit Operator’s primary concerns.

Customer Service

A Transit Operator must exemplify another of BC Transit’s core values - customer service - as the face of the company and one who interacts with passengers every day. BC Transit riders are a diverse group of customers with a wide range of abilities, cultures, backgrounds and familiarity with the Victoria region and its transit system. A Transit Operator is someone who is courteous, friendly, respectful and willing to go above and beyond to help passengers.

Communication/ Conflict Resolution

Sometimes Transit Operators will be faced with challenging situations and will need to use their strong verbal communication skills to diffuse a situation and find a resolution without causing further escalation. The ability to stay calm when presented with angry or upset customers is key.

Judgement/ Problem Solving

As a Transit Operator, each day may bring different scenarios, which will require you to use your problem solving skills. Being able to bring timely solutions to circumstances, sometimes with a limited number of tools at your disposal, is important while on the road. That being said, a Transit Operator needs to be able to assess when asking for assistance is an appropriate part of their problem solving.

Ability to Handle Stress

The work of a Transit Operator exists in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment, sometimes with interactions that can be stressful. On a day-to-day basis you may experience near-accidents, upset customers, traffic jams, or driving in adverse weather conditions. The ability to remain calm and in control when in these situations is a must for a Transit Operator.

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